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May 2, 2014 7:00am PDT
the release of four military observers to a capture bar for russia militia. ukraine of launching the first major assault in the eastern part of the country it both are reporting three dead and two injured. banf but some malaysian officials said on friday that they considers the ferry and that the officials should take a look of this. it was only confirm by sending vessels to the area thousands are in light of the santa, area. so far there's no specific plans to do that. an update on a wildfire this morning in southern california and new video coming in this morning this fire and cucamonga is 53 percent contained. the over acres have been burned. the gusty winds arthere were about 1600 homes in evacuating. and they're now under investigation. >>: said finally one of the two suspects charged with murder in oakland is the libyan court today judy salomon was gunned down las julyast july some reminiscing and just about a half-hour at 9:00 this morning. >>: happening to mar the kentucky derby there's been a change in the lineup of opportunity is not an array. the rebel stakes winner is expected
May 1, 2014 7:00am PDT
possible annexation from russia. a support from former president victor. after months of processing and us. capital. >>: the process think the 15th and mission streets and other construction sites around the city as also known rally for new the members the events will have less access and promote working class citizens and said francisco. there's a may day march 3 this afternoon from two locations from guadalupe church 20 20s antonio they will then meet for raleigh a city hall. subway's leading the fast-food industry into something that is something that's not good acre they are underpaying workers. then been in violation of pay more than 1100 investigations from 2000 to 2014 combining these cases they us from 17,000 franchises in violation. subway has more than 26,000 locations throughout the country that is the most of any fast-food chains. in oakland is 68 degrees 90 is the high for today. will be [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you wo
Apr 28, 2014 7:00am PDT
and the calibrated effort to change russia's behavior. were not know whether tinwork and that's why the knicks face is in fact a further russian aggression against the rest, that could beenh santions. 912 are now will be back with more of a couple of minutes as were about to hit a he waved in the bay area us to cut look right now live at the sunshine walnut creek and the bridge condition, terror is not all that warm yet were expecting the heat to reform on tuesday and wednesday will be right back. san jose agenda of all the way to san jose here like this ride 30 minute drive times reported right now all the way into north on the bayshore freeway. try this a different way. still backed up on 680 and the soft on direction of away from the dublin interchange down to premount . modesto's on the ride on 580 was wrong. the minutes freeway and then touch the interchange back up into oakland and the seashore freeway all the way down to the macarthur mace is a live look at traffic on the interstate 80. it's coming down from albany at the 58080 merit. the miyazawa said that the slow traffic at the bay bridge
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3